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Embroidered denim jacket.

Clara Wong

aka embroideryunnie

I am a self-taught hand-embroidery artist, based in Vancouver, Canada. In May 2021, I began embroidering during quarantine. What started off as a casual hobby eventually grew into something larger where I could share my creations with fans all around the world. My work is heavily inspired by Seventeen (my favourite K-Pop group) but my embroidery is not only limited to K-Pop. As long as I can envision it, I can embroider it!


I dabble in embroidery, punch needling, felting, and experiment with combining different elements to create mixed-media pieces. Each piece translates my creative visions through threads and reflects my passion for art and the world around me.

To keep up with the latest updates on my art, you can follow my Instagram (@embroideryunnie) where I am the most active. Thank you for supporting my journey as an embroidery artist!

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